Sawariya Agritech Pvt Ltd

Q. 1 What does Sawariya Agritech Pvt Ltd do? Why does Sawariya Agritech Pvt Ltd do it?

Answer 1 : Sawariya Agritech Pvt Ltd provides seed solutions to meet food and farming needs in a growing world. We believe seed is both our common cultural legacy and an existing natural resource to the future continual of food production. Proper maintenance of our genetic resources requires not only its preservation but careful management in a manner that allows the seed to continually evolve with challenges of the environment.

Q.2 What is a hybrid seed?

Answer 2 : Hybrid seeds are formed when 2 different plant species cross-pollinate to produce a new offspring plant. Organic seeds are seeds that are made by organic certification standards. The 2 species of seeds aren't respectively exclusive, which means a seed can be both hybrid and organic.

Q. 3 What is the process and procedure of certification of seeds?

Answer 3 : There are few procedures of certification of seeds below:

  • Receipt and scrutiny of application;
  • Verification of seed source, quality and other requirements of the seed used for growing the seed crop;
  • Field survey to verify compliance to the prescribed field standards;
  • Supervision of post-harvest steps including processing and packaging;
  • Seed sampling and analysis, including genetic purity test and seed fitness test, if any, to verify compliance to the prescribed standards;
  • Grant of license and certification tags, tagging and sealing.

Q. 4 Which are the agencies authorized for certification of seeds?

Answer 4 : Agencies (State Governments or Autonomous Bodies), which are notified under Section 8 of the Seeds Act are authorized for certification of seeds. At present, there are 21 state Seed Certification Agencies in India.

Q. 5 Which are the agencies that can produce certified seeds?

Answer 5 : Anybody willing to produce certified seed can produce certified seed. There are some government and private organizations that can produce certified seeds like State Seeds.Corporations, National Seeds Corporation, State Farm Corporation of India, State Departments of Agriculture, Private Firms, and Farmers.

Q. 6 What are the penalty provisions for the sale of spurious seed?

Answer 6 : If any person contravenes any terms of the Seeds Act/Rules, on conviction be punishable:

  • a) For the first offense with the penalty which may lengthen to 500 rupees;
  • b) In the case of such person having been previously convicted of an offense under this section, with imprisonment for a duration which may lengthen to 6 months, or with the penalty whichmay lengthen to 1000 rupees, or with both.

Q. 7 What are the rules for the export and import of seeds?

Answer 7 : Export/Import is governed by the EXIM Policy of 2002-07 issued by the Ministry of Commerce. Under this policy, provision is perceived to import which conducted by the new policy on Seeds Development, 1988 read with Plant Quarantine Order, 2003 and amendments formed thereon. For limited items, the EXIM Committee of DAC is permitted to take the decision of import/export.

Q. 8 To whom the farmers have to approach when the seed fails to perform?

Answer 8 : The farmers can approach the Director of Agriculture or the Joint Director of Agriculture or Seed Inspector of the concerned areas when the seed fails to perform.

Q. 9 Is there any facility for the farmer to get the seed tested before sowing?

Answer 9 : Seeds consumers and seeds producers could receive the seeds sample examined in the State Seed Testing Laboratories with the least fee described to obtain the result to be utilized for seeding, selling or labeling purposes.